How does Google rsu refresh work

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How does google rsu refresh work. While you get rsu at offer for 4 years, when do you get new rsu for performance. For example at Amazon rsu is forward looking 2 years and based on how the stock is doing, if you have really negotiated well at offer, you can only expect new rsu at end of year 3 for year 5.


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    First year you don't get any (new policy). Second and beyond, it's entirely algorithmic and based on your 2 most recent performance reviews. For an L4 CME+CME it's going to be 54k. This is anecdata but it matches the experience of every L4 on my team. You'll get a refresher every year (end of year) at Google though. Just hope they don't alter the deal further; I got completely shafted because the new policy was enacted AFTER I was hired, but they applied it retroactively to everyone hired in 2017. The old rule stated you needed to be hired before April or May, which I was, but then they modified it so you need to be hired before January to be eligible.

    TL;DR: set your start date as close to EOY as possible to maximize your refreshers. They said they make it up with signing bonus, but I can confirm that's bullshit because they just match other offers, and my signing bonus should have been 75k in that case.

    Oh I almost forgot: stock starts vesting day 1, no cliff. That's new too, but they didn't apply it retroactively for those of us who got scroogled. HR didn't do anything for the ~10k of us who were hired in that window either, even though they acknowledged that MANY people were upset. Simple "we hear you" platitude bs paired with exactly zero action.
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    • Google policies
      Average refresher for L5 should be around 30-40k a year.
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    • Oracle 7uuy444
      Does that mean in year 6 your TC drops dramatically...
      May 4
    • Amazon chipndl
      If you get NI, do you get PIPed like at amazon?
      May 4
    • Google policies
      TC drops in year 4.
      May 4
    • Oracle 7uuy444
      May 4
  • Amazon amazesea
    Thx this helps. So if i join June i should get refresh in dec 2020? What does the math look like for L6?
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  • Google shbejfjwn
    The math is confidential and the range is wide depending on your performance. Too many factors unknown to give a best guess answer
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    • Qualcomm NqAf57
      They probably don't know. These days, companies are moving to 100% algorithm-based comp decisions so no one can get sued for positive or negative discrimination re: discretionary awards. Qualcomm got sued a few years ago by ex-employees who felt like they were hard done by. There was too much leeway in discretionary awards so now there's none.
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  • Oracle 7uuy444
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  • Google shbejfjwn
    You can get refresh your first year but its manager discretion. Usually reserved for strong performers or people below mrp.

    Cliff is basically the wait period before you can exercise ur stocks.

    I wouldn’t call it low balled. In my experience the L4 rating and L3 rating described are pretty equal. You start to see a lot more growth when you have higher ratings attached and are higher levels.

    Performance based company so 👏🏼
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    Amazon Product

    Anyone Hire Product Manager :)
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