How does Kaiser's healthcare system work?

Cerner fv7rEd
Nov 7 6 Comments

Are there folks from Kaiser here? I'm new to the US and don't really understand the healthcare system in the US in general, but it seems like to go to a Kaiser hospital you need to have Kaiser healthcare. Is this true? How do you guys make money if you only accept Kaiser patients?


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  • VMware lftl00
    Kaiser is a bundle of insurance and hospitals whereas other insurances and hospital networks work independently.

    So in case of Kaiser, they can avoid lot of overheads and save money. Thus they work somewhat more efficiently also.
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  • New J3sus
    From charging insurance rates; they're still a (big) part of the healthcare system but with "private" membership (like Costco). You'll have access to Pharmacy and specialized Drs, as well as a general physician who you may select. And you'll only be able to visit Kaiser hospitals (outside the network may end up costing you more). And if you ever have a self-manageable emergency, look up for near Urgent Care - less than an ambulance 🚑 and emergency visit. But, if you tend to travel for work look up HMO vs PPO (common ones), the others (e.g. BlueShield) allow you to go to any physician within their own network. Most insurance providers provide a mobile experience but Kaiser's is an all-in-one with appointments, prescriptions, vitals, dr messaging, etc.

    Three major type of insurances: health, dental and vision. There are other optional ones (e.g. life, disability, pet, etc.). Welcome to privatized healthcare =)
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    • Exactly this. They’re a great provider. I’m sitting in a Kaiser hospital getting a procedure done as I type this
      Nov 8
  • Kaiser Permanente mzlO62
    KP is generally divided into 3 entities: healthcare plan, medical group, foundation.

    Health plan is the insurance company and generates most revenue (~$70b).

    Medical group is what employs Drs and charges insurance (mostly it charges health plan but also other insurances).

    Foundation is a non-profit that runs the hospitals and some clinics. It charges healthplan and takes donations/etc.
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  • Kaiser Permanente ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶
    There are two main systems in the states, HMO and PPO. Kaiser is the one of the biggest HMO providers in the nation and a great one stop shop. If you have a full-time job, just choose Kaiser plan during your company enrollment. The benefits team should be able to answer all your questions. If you have a working spouse and you don’t work, just have them to choose Kaiser family plan.
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  • Uber OuchUber
    You can go to a Kaiser with most other insurance too. What state are you in?
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