How does TwoSigma L3 compare with Google L4?

Sep 13 11 Comments

Got offers from some companies, considering these two. TwoSigma level starts at L1, so L3 is almost senior. TS has higher comp due to relo.

I am mostly interested in doing high scope work. Which one has it? Google has a lot of good projects but I am afraid an L4 works on projects led by senior people usually.


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  • Facebook / Eng mturtle
    It's hard to compare scope from 2S and google, since they company and products are so different in size and goal.

    In general 2S L3 = G L5 in terms of experience ( I think, not positive though). What is your yoe? If high, don't take L4 offer from google; you will be pissed off.
    Sep 13 3
    • OP
      I got 3.5 YOE. Google said i need more experience for L5.
      Sep 13
    • Facebook / Eng mturtle
      L4 was probably good level at google then, often 3.5 yoe will often only get L3 at google. TS will be more money over time. You have two good options, so your in a good place. Congrats!
      Sep 13
    • Goldman Sachs fake engineer
      I think L5 Google is closer to L4 TS, met someone who went L4 at Google to TS at L3.
      Sep 13
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  • Amazon crypto*
    Is it software engineer or quant dev ?
    Sep 13 1
  • Chase


    Neuberger Berman
    Sep 13 1
    • OP
      It doesn’t have two sigma
      Sep 13
  • Walmart ghu75v
    It's all about tc take T
    Sep 13 0