How does it help for a US IT services company to merge with a EU IT services biggie in terms of opps for US employees

Syntel / Consultant oPdS58
Jun 15 4 Comments

Does it even open up opportunities for US employees for global/EU roles or is it just a US presence/size matter for acquirer ?

Looking for ppl with past experience and/or insights


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  • T-Systems tyranIT
    It could, but it really depends on the acquirer. Things like size of each company, market position, skills gap, who in leadership will be elevated (ceremonial vs strategic) the plan for it to be fully integrated into acquiring org or function as its own business unit. US salaries are usually way higher so that creates complexity for transfers, etc..the syntel/Atos deal closed last year correct? No clear view yet? The whole G&A synthesis and all that BS is just fluffery. Buying revenue and talent vs. building it organically without any "boots on the ground" insight into how it will impact the people that actually deliver/execute on a daily basis...usually a bit of a shit show.
    Jun 15 2
    • Syntel / Consultant oPdS58
      Yes , Atos-Syntel closed last year and the view is clear as mud. Though all spoken words make it look hunky dory but there is nothing at the ground yet in terms of new opportunities for staff
      Jun 15
    • T-Systems tyranIT
      Mud is good Lol. EU companies struggle with labor laws which makes it really challenging for them to grow/evolve. Their ability to hire/fire is a huge pain point. Based on that alone I wouldn't have any grand expectations. May be much easier to find a new opportunity elsewhere vs. waiting for things to run their course post merger.
      Jun 15
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    Happened to my previous company once. In the beginning, just after the merge, everything was fine. No big changes.

    After a while, the parent company in Europe wanted everything to move to their platform, so big migration. When the migration was done, the parent company offered everyone a choice of either take severance or relocate to Europe with salary adjustment.
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