How does it impact IT companies when recession kicks off

Amazon igdhbfjs
Mar 7 9 Comments

Amazon: e-commerce revenue could decrease, consumers focus on life essentials and become more price sensitive, AWS growth may slow down

What do you think of Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Uber, Lyft, Microsoft etc in recessions?

Which company can do even better during recessions? YouTube, Facebook or Netflix? Because people are more likely to seek spiritual comfort then?


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TOP 9 Comments
  • Microsoft lc out
    Cosmetics stocks do better in economic downturns.
    Mar 7 0
  • Uber central
    Uber/Lyft will see abundant supply of drivers, this will keep price low for riders.
    Mar 7 0
  • Adobe TDHm13
    Unemployed and people on tight budgets cut in their subscriptions and buy less crap on amazon.

    Large companies cut their ad spending which would impact Facebook and google.

    The only companies that profit are companies like dollar tree or dollar general. And pay day loans
    Mar 7 0
  • Amazon ckWS72
    Netflix might still do better. People might be more at home watching netflix.
    Mar 7 0
  • Google YAPTRF
    Growing Enterprise shops stand to benefit by under cutting price of competition.

    Aka azure and gcp stand to grow if they really double down during the recession
    Mar 7 0
  • NetApp / Eng fire-water
    I think companies like LinkedIn/Indeed will thrive :)
    Mar 13 0
  • Magic Leap DpYO44
    Consumer staple stocks and utilities go up .... some money moves to foreign markets that have better economic cycles
    Mar 7 0
  • Oracle now@google
    In a major downturn all will be affected. Many companies will have layoffs => more people willing to work for less => lower TC for all. Even if you are still working, say goodbye to fat bonuses and RSUs.
    Mar 7 0
  • Microsoft pJcW86
    I see you work in the economic forecasting finance group at Amazon? How is it working there?
    Mar 7 0


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