How does the Bonus work at Cruise?


I got a lowball offer with a bonus of 30k at Cruise.
How does the bonus work exactly? Is the quoted bonus the absolute maximum you can get if you perform ok?
If you overperform, is there a multiplier like I have seen at other companies?

Basically what is the range for the bonus based on the quoted amount?


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  • Cruise Automation blhg63
    What was your offer and yoe?
  • Lyft mpXy34
    What incentive do you have to go above and beyond if there's no additional amount given fit doing so?
    • Cruise Automation ElopedMusk
      1. Don’t “go above and beyond”. Do your fucking job, do it well and go home and have a life. It’s a marathon not a sprint

      2. There’s a sizable portion of comp in the form of equity

      Also i had offer from lyft and don’t recall any bonus at all.
    • Lyft mpXy34
      Ummm, I just got a 340K refresher after a little over a year here. Because I got strongly exceeds. I'd have gotten 150K or so for meets. I love my job and do it well. If lazy Joe can coast by and get the same bonuses as me I'm not going to slack off, I'm going to leave.

      Apparently not to cruise though.
    • Cruise Automation ElopedMusk
      Yeah monopoly money is the same as cash bonus alright, pal. I think it’s best for you to stay at lyft
    • General Motors

      General Motors

      Zebra Technologies
      I think going above and beyond will allow faster promotion lol
    • Lyft mpXy34
      You're calling a company going public this month "monopoly money" hahaha. Let's see if you ever ipo.
  • Cruise Automation ElopedMusk
    You get exact amount unless you are rated “miss” (~5%) on your annual review. Why don’t you ask your recruiter? They re supposed to tell you that
  • Uber tttrr

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