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Hey blinders,

I am about to begin my new grad role at Walmart. I am assured by many here that I won’t get challenging work there.

So let’s say Walmart promotes in 2.5 yrs and they apply for my h1b visa in feb 2020.

When should I plan my switch in best way possible considering I don’t compromise on work either.

Also, do companies like Linkedin, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft hire people at any point in their careers? (Eg. one year down or 6 months down in new grad role) or generally companies are interested after 2 yrs of experience?

Also, is it a bad career move to switch within a year or year n half? For eg. new company still compensate you as new grad salary + some amount?


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  • SAP / Eng igpay
    You can start in few months and try to get it before next attempt but if that's not possible, then get your H1b next year and then switch. Less hassle as H1b transfer is easier compared to lottery process. Some companies don't even interview you if you have less time on opt. Or less number of attempts.

    Also, by then who knows you might actually get to work on something better.
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