How far does 1 YOE go w/o degree?

New gg7jc
Nov 13 4 Comments

Working at a medium sized - non tech company at a medium COL. Mainly working on the frontend with React/Redux, Typescript, Jest and a little of Java/AEM.

If my goal is to work in the bay area and possibly FAANG, how far does my resume experience with this 1 YOE with no degree go to get an interview?

I see stories of people getting offers from top tech companies with bootcamp exp and no offers from new grads.


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  • 4 years exp is usually what I see as replacement for degree. A CS undergrad degree is in a way 4 years of experience. The bootcamp offers are largely survivorship bias. Also many bootcamp grads also have undergrad degrees, just not in CS. I can say with near 100% certainty that you would be an instant reject from any FAANG company as is. For smaller shops you might be able to get away with it since you have work experience
    Nov 13 3
    • New gg7jc
      Understandable. Besides getting a degree, what other things will give me a higher chance to get an interview at the bigger companies.
      Nov 13
    • Either a degree or more experience. It's up to you how much you think the degree is worth. Some companies say they don't require degrees anymore, but you certainly would be playing on hard mode without it. Not impossible, but you will need more experience for the same role. Honestly, just keep on working. After a certain point they will care more about what you've built than college, but for junior positions it's hard to stand out in that area. Same advice as to a college grad; take bigger projects, take on more responsibility. Eventually the lack of a degree won't mean anything, prob around 4 years of experience but it won't hurt to keep applying
      Nov 13
    • New gg7jc
      Awesome, thank you for the advice!
      Nov 14


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