How is Linkedin as a company to work for as SWE?

Autodesk Autodeskr
Feb 12 11 Comments

What kind of engineering challenges they have? They’re already miles behind as a social network compared to Facebook. Their messenger is broken for the most part.

I know they pay well and wlb is good, but as a product or tech is it even interesting?



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  • Microsoft Desitechie
    Good hiring bar, close to Google and Facebook. So you get to work with smart people.
    Pay also comparable to Google and Facebook.
    Food better than Facebook, almost as good as Google.
    But a much better WLB.
    These are enough reasons for anyone to want to work for LinkedIn, but if you want more, there's a lot of ML work going on.
    I woukd choose LinkedIn over Fakebook any day.
    Feb 12 3
    • Google / Eng

      Google Eng

      Food is way better than Google.
      Feb 12
    • Microsoft Desitechie
      Google has full service restaurant Badal.
      Feb 12
    • LinkedIn uWop71
      +1 to this

      Fwiw I was at Google for quite a while before going to LinkedIn. Both are great but IMO the avg quality is better at LinkedIn mainly due to smaller cafes and smaller batches.
      Feb 14
  • Number of days off at linkedin is unmatched.

    17 days holidays+unlimited pto (around 4 weeks I would say) + inday which is 1 day a month to do whatever you want (12 days total)

    That's like 2.5 months off a year
    Feb 12 0
  • LinkedIn k7V31z
    LinkedIn isn’t a social network so it shouldn’t be compared to FB. It’s a professional network to help people get jobs and connect with other professionals. As far as our engineering challenges read our engineering blog. If these projects don’t interest you then it’s not the right place for you to work.
    Feb 12 0
  • LinkedIn mFoQ14
    I like it. Less than 1.5 years there and it’s been good to me.
    The people are smart and get shit done. I also like the perks, the food, and the pay.
    If you are starting a family then it even gets better.
    My first year was quite busy but I came out of a Satff; so kind of worth it for me. Now I get to work on more things outside my team and foundational stuff.
    Feb 12 0
  • LinkedIn CCsf57
    Pretty good, a nice place to work
    Feb 13 0
  • PayPal wervziv
    Feb 12 0
  • BlackRock fnHO861345
    Can you break down ur TC?
    Feb 12 0