How is Nextdoor?

MicroStrategy / EngaxVK27
Jan 3

I’m looking at software engineering roles in the Bay Area and came across Nextdoor. Seems like a socially impactful product and I like the mission a lot — anyone with personal experience working there willing to share? Would appreciate any insight 😊


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  • ClearDATA zjDm22
    Nextdoor sounds great in theory, but in practice is ceaseless notifications about missing cats, racism and SJW virtue signalling. Oh and the occasional ikea desk.
    Jan 30
  • Definitely, go. I lost my cat again and Nextdoor is my last hope. Work hard as Mr Snuggles and I need you very badly!
    Jan 40
  • Square / EngQdtc23
    No idea what their model or vision is. Hope the new CEO (who's really good) can figure it out.
    Jan 30
  • Facebook Teddybear1
    I really like the app and the concept of Nextdoor. Enough that I would have talked to them about job but they are not where I am located. However their challenge might be converting occasional users to regular (daily / weekly) users. Anyway, definitely look at the long term plans critically.
    Jan 30
  • It’s a great idea and I used to want to work there. But I’m not clear how would they make a profit (showing ads is boring)
    Jan 33
    • Google / Eng_travel_
      Boring but very profitable if done right
      Jan 4
    • That’s a big IF lol
      Jan 4
    • Nextdoor / Opsaz7lsk1
      We’re doubling revenue every year. We have Ads, a subscription Real Estate product for realtors, and more diversified business units in the pipeline. There is a lot we’ll do with small, local businesses as well.
      Jan 7
  • Nextdoor / Engfor🦊sake
    @axVK27 what are you looking for in a company? Feel free to pm me
    Jan 31
    • MicroStrategy / EngaxVK27
      I’ll message you!!
      Jan 4
  • Nextdoor / Opsaz7lsk1
    Feel free to PM me too.
    Jan 70

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