How is Performance Ads team of Walmart Labs @ Sunnyvale?

Infostretch / Eng fhjvxxb
Jun 3 6 Comments

I am interviewing for Software Engineer position at Walmart Labs @Sunnyvale. and would like to know about Performance Ads team in terms of growth, opportunity to learn, how are people in the team.



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  • sss678
    The above statement seems to be very immature and stupid regarding the Sunnyvale area consisting of thousands of employees. Performance Ads is a decent team. The growth organization in general has less politics and good teams. The team is comprised of smart people and they are working on projects with good impact. Work pressure is moderate. You should ask more specifics about the project you are going to work on from the hiring manager and talk about your concerns.
    Jun 4 0
  • / Eng abhi117
    Unless it's core business compentency the teams are kinda new. That being said there is always area of learning and growth. I cannot comment on team members as I don't know them at any level. But what I have observed especially in Sunnyvale area people seems to snobbish and careless. But I have limited interaction with them as I work at different location.
    Jun 4 0
  • Nvidia <script><
    God everything about the position to company to location sounds terrible
    Jun 3 3
    • New udSE01
      Lol. Looking at Nvidia stock, it’s down more than 50% in last two years. Looking at WMT - it’s up 35%. Not saying NVidia is worse, but, you, of all people, should shut the fuck up.
      Jun 3
    • Nvidia <script><
      That's all you all got, the stock. NV did one not good thing in the last 3 years after 10x and everyone, only, remembers, the halfening.

      At least post something funny:
      Jun 3
    • Infostretch / Eng fhjvxxb
      Do you have Info to share?
      Jun 3


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