How is Samsara and need some details

Yahoo tjwa37
Apr 18 15 Comments

Already have convoy offer but I like samsara ceo and their past success. I have an on-site. But I would like to know more about their engineering team. How big are they and how is it structured. I heard that it’s a 150 + plus engineering team but felt it’s little high. My role is around golang work.

Any more details would be appreciated.


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  • Microsoft UMbR31
    As a complete outsider, let me give this a shot.

    The fact that there are so many fake reviews just to rank high on something as pointless as Glassdoor, speaks volumes about the culture inside the company. Especially, for a founder who's made a billion dollar exit to try hard and get ranked number 1 among 'best SMB CEOs' appears rather lame. I've not seen a single instance on Blind where employees speak up defending their employer either. I'm willing to bet the culture is toxic af.
    Apr 18 10
    • Uber Slick Roc
      ☝️Here’s the CEO
      May 2
    • Samsara qAqB64
      I do agree with what the above person said about our CEO. We’re trying to maintain the great culture within the engineering as the company is going through the hyper growth, but things are going pretty well here.
      May 2
    • Samsara / Eng kKCg74
      Can you never give anything a shot ever again as a complete outsider with absolutely no information?
      May 3
    • Samsara ooBQ54
      I agree. The samsara engineering culture is great. As a post-Meraki person, the culture I see here is very similar to early days Meraki, but better. A lot of effort is spent making sure the culture stays great and that any lessons that were learned in previous companies get applied as we scale
      May 3
    • New PYcu27
      Lots of great reviews on Eng team. Any insight on product and marketing team? How's product with eng team? Appreciate the response.
      May 14
  • Yahoo tjwa37
    Convoy base around 180. Can’t speak about stocks.
    Apr 18 1
    • Google ocSN81
      base seems good, yoe? manager role?
      Apr 20
  • F5 Networks buzz-word
    Samsara = Moh Maya.

    Try Moksha
    Apr 21 0
  • Amazon HumpDay
    TC and Convoy offer?
    Apr 18 0