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How is WLB for analyst roles at Facebook?

NetApp demogorgan
Jan 7

As per the title, for roles like Data Specialists, Product Specialists, Operations Specialist


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  • Facebook iEWr33
    WLB at Facebook is broadly terrible. Analysts deal with lots of fires and mgmt who want answers now for “the most urgent thing”, but it’s not even the “impact” you are measured against. There’s no such think as work smart. Just work hard / work lots.
    Jan 90
  • Oracle Pearman
    How’s the comp for analytics org in general ? How are data scientists paid , read somewhere there comp is comparatively lower than the engineering org , or core data science org ?
    Jan 91
    • Facebook iEWr33
      Compared to wher ? Yes DS < Core DS < SWE
      Jan 17

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