How is engineering at SquareSpace?

Jun 10 7 Comments

A SquareSpace recruiter reached out to me recently for a engineering position in NYC.

I have read a lot of bad reviews on Glassdoor, so I am wondering if I should avoid going there for an onsite, thoughts?


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  • Squarespace mk3nh3
    Depends what you’re interested in. It’s a good place to cruise and have work life balance for the most part. People do take a good amount of vacation days and rarely work more than 6-8 hours.

    The ICs are usually pretty good across the board but management is questionable. Lots of team leads, managers, and directors with little management experience or training and don’t know how to manage. It’s hard to get promoted or get meaningful raises. We haven’t figured out how to do product management so projects aren’t well planned and managed at all. New feature work is always prioritized over performance and reliability improvements so the codebase is riddled with tech debt.

    The few longer and more well written reviews on Glassdoor are pretty accurate. Feel free to DM me if you have specific questions.
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    • Squarespace Troxdale@s
      Agree with this. Work life balance and company culture are top notch, but it's still a fast growing company so naturally not all projects are going to be smooth.

      There is a lot of debt, but I will say documentation is pretty good.
      Jun 11
  • Squarespace Troxdale@s
    Engineering here is pretty high quality, albeit segmented. Small team structure with owned projects, lots of inter-team communication. Snacks and lunch is probably better than G, but no dinner. Beautiful office and tons of events. AMA
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    • OP
      Thanks for responding. How is the work/life balance and job stability in the NYC office?
      Jun 11
    • Squarespace Troxdale@s
      Unless you're an on-call SRE, w/l balance is decent. Occasionally you'll have crunch times if you got unlucky with a team but for the most part it's fantastic. 10-5 is what I work usually lol
      Jun 11
  • Squarespace tAUQ32
    Not good. There are some very bright people but there are a lot people who were grandfathered into leadership roles because they got in early and do dumb shit like try and write their own haproxy in java.
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  • New / IT

    New IT

    Imaginative software engineer looking to explore new opportunities.
    Not sure but I’d like to know as well, got a phone call with them tomorrow
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