How is the Amazon AWS Kinesis team

Jul 25 7 Comments

I have an on site interview with the Kinesis team coming up. How is the team?

edit: did some digging and found this:

Probably one of the worst tier-1 service teams in AWS. Technically, the basic architecture has fundamental flaws. Recent released features are not really working (working in AWS means good availability and scalable). The culture is crazy. You might not have access to all the design docs and might not be invited to design meetings at all if you are not belong to the elite group.

is this still the case?

can someone from Amazon check the internal sde survey for kinesis and also their sev2 count

If you have knowledge of this team, can you please fill out this quick survey about the team, or just share what you know in the comments on this post

The ratings include things like leadership, work life balance, on call, ease of deployments, growth, software quality, etc.

if you want to see team ratings for other companies:

Google spreadsheet with individual responses updated in real time



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  • Amazon / Sales 992.911
    I dont want to respond just based on the amount of work youre asking us to do
    Jul 25 5
    • OP
      It’s a sub one min survey, trust me. I had to do a 90 minute coding assessment at Amazon... If you’re in sales, you wouldn’t be able to answer it anyway.
      Jul 25
    • Amazon / Sales 992.911
      Ah yes because as someone that sells literally all of AWSs products and services I have absolutely 0 visibility into other teams 🙄
      Jul 25
    • OP
      I assumed you weren’t intimately familiar with the technical aspects, which is half the questions. You can contribute if you want, just put in the comments that it’s from sales so I can know to ignore the technical rating questions
      Jul 25
    • Amazon / Sales 992.911
      Lol fuck off dude I’m not going to help you
      Jul 25
    • OP
      You already made up your mind 10 mins ago as Jeff Bezos walked by with a banana and said, keep up the hard work so I can buy Lauren more diamonds
      Jul 25
  • SolarWinds AnEngineer
    It's an over-priced and under-featured Kafka and they didn't even get that right.

    And I say this as someone who loves AWS.
    Jul 25 0


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