How is the Teams/SkypeForBusiness(Data Platform) team at Microsoft?

Agero hfTh66
Aug 7 11 Comments

I want to know about the culture, team, the kind of work the team does. Is there a lot of software development opportunity in the team?

Microsoft is holding a hiring event for the below opportunity. Are these sort of event worth attending? What are the pros and cons of these events? How is the TC in this role?

Thank you in advance :)


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  • Microsoft / Consultant Craven
    Teams is hot tech internally right now. If that matters
    Aug 8 2
    • Yelp bbtea
      Why is it that hot?
      Aug 8
    • Microsoft / Consultant Craven
      Customers are loving having a free (due to current enterprise agreement) alternative to Slack.
      Aug 8
  • Microsoft blavatsky
    The role you linked is in Teams/Skype, not in the Data org (where you have things like HDI, Cosmos, Cosmos DB etc.) Two completely different orgs.
    Aug 7 2
    • Agero hfTh66
      Thank you. I updated the post title. Do you have know more about Teams/Skype team and about the hiring in these events?
      Aug 7
    • Microsoft blavatsky
      Don’t have any insight about this team except to say that they don’t know how to pick a name for the ad. To the rest of the world, the title sounds like they are looking for an entry level (IC3) engineer.

      Also if one wants some real big data infra experience they should look at the actual data org, not some skunk works project in a product team like Skype. Not to say that it’s not potentially impactful work, but it’s not first class big data.
      Aug 7
  • New wua
    How is Microsoft 365 IC3 Vs Azure?
    Oct 16 0
  • Microsoft / Eng

    Microsoft Eng

    I worked in Teams iOS as an intern. Wrote two features which have 1m messages per month. I would say Teams is very hot, and has a large potential for growth. Many new projects to work on.
    Aug 8 0
  • Microsoft sFAB78
    That’s the datadog+spark for Skype/teams?
    Aug 7 0
  • Google duckz
    When I was at Microsoft I had heard mostly positive things about Teams org, but nothing more granular than that
    Aug 7 0
  • Indeed lolgandu
    Aug 7 0


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