How is the WLB in Ads org in Twitter ?

Facebook bot-man
Apr 23 7 Comments


Exploring a few teams in Ads, WLB is super important to me. How is it there?


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Twitter NKCu75
    Pretty good. WLB overall is pretty good at Twitter. What’s the reason you are thinking of changing company?
    Apr 23 2
    • Facebook bot-man
      Shitty WLB and stress
      Apr 23
    • Facebook / Eng ePps67
      @bot-man feel ya man, I'm in the same boat
      May 24
  • Twitter zRdE33
    Ads is lot better now
    May 23 1
    • Microsoft new(msft)
      What about mopub ads?
      May 30
  • New Duh1
    Will Twitter match FB ?
    Apr 23 1


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