How is the work life balance at Apple ?

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May 15 9 Comments

I want to consider this before accepting their offer. Please help.


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  • Apple wa95014
    Anything with hardware you will work your tail off. Other groups, highly variable

    Set boundaries.
    May 150
  • Apple / Eng


    It is terrible, expect long hours
    May 150
  • Salesforce n00bmstr69
    My friend joined them straight out of grad school and he works 60 hours a week, goes to office on weekends sometimes. But - he says WLB depends on the team and manager.
    May 150
  • Apple MadQueen
    What org/team?

    What stage of your life/career are you in? I ask coz it’s not the best place for say new (or going to be be) parents. A lot of work especially in EE/Ops related to HW
    May 160
  • Salesforce n00bmstr69
    I heard WFH is not a thing, is it true?
    • Apple MadQueen
      Totally depends on your manager. No official policy gets enforced per se
    • Apple wa95014
      Apple likes people in office. Managers sometimes don’t care and it depends on yours. The safest assumption at Apple is that you need to be in office because at any time your manager or reporting chain could change, or they could change their mind.
  • Apple
    natural workaholics will tell you the WLB is ok
  • Apple iPhoneXSS
    Which team? TC ?
    May 170

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