How lonely are you?

New -joker-
Feb 8 30 Comments

I'll start:

I am so lonely, the person in the mirror is my only friend.


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TOP 30 Comments
  • I have wife and two kids. All I want is to be alone.
    Feb 83
  • Amazon lolwhat
    Everyone is alone in this world.
    It's by design.
    Feb 80
  • Intel NM.Enchant
    Person in the Mirror isn’t even my friend lmao
    Feb 80
  • I am so lonely that the only person who talks to me is alexa
    Feb 82
  • New / Engleet4job
    Individualism promotes self-development and independence, yet it has its some drawbacks. Imo, loneliness and mindset of a lone wolf may cause serious mental health when you hit a life tragedy.

    Some Asian conuntries promote collectism, which has its own benefits that you can have a strong support network.
    Feb 80
  • Amadeus Trick2g
    I have enjoyed being a loner for most of my adult life. But I am married now and am enjoying my wife's company. So I guess I should consider myself lucky to have a life companion.
    Feb 80
  • Amazon / OpsVisual
    I feel so lonely that I have to hold a drink by myself in this crowded bar for at least 20 mins.
    Feb 80
  • New / ITrcafelanrd
    Lonely, with deez nuts.
    Feb 80
  • QTFP86
    Everyone is lonely and everyone is in heard...
    Feb 80
  • Amazon


    Amazon, Microsoft
    Jerk off to porn then.
    Feb 81
    • T-Mobile WozniAK
      Is there a category for lonely porn? 😂😂
      Feb 9
  • Flagged by the community.

  • I'm a very lonely man, doing what I can, 
    All the world astounds me and I think I understand
    Feb 80
  • Bank of America poop_gold
    Read up on the life of Keanu Reeves. Hes more lonelier and successful than you
    Feb 80
  • Tesla 100thieves
    You only need leetcode.
    Feb 80
  • American Express _________!
    loneliness comes from nobody understands you
    Feb 80
  • Uber XEa3j
    TC 430, not lonely at all
    Feb 80
  • Oath Hd7lNc2bK
    I'm not lonely :)
    Feb 80
  • New / Engbreaks
    I sleep by myself even when I have two boy friends... :(
    Feb 81
    • QTFP86
      Are you straight or the one who is screwing my childhood innocence in affection towards rainbow after rain?
      Feb 9
  • PayPal bye!
    Very lonely. Quite easy for me to talk to girls, but no girlfriend. Depressed
    Feb 80
  • Oracle iOFR21
    I wish i was more lonely
    Feb 80
  • Uber / Designbromance
    I'm alone a lot yet don't typically feel lonely. I used to feel lonely when I was younger, but now I don't really care
    Feb 80
  • SAP / Eng


    Bio on blind!
    Sometimes I want to be alone. I guess I am born as a loner.
    Feb 80
  • Oscar 🐨koala
    I am alone. She is so far away. I am alone. Everyone is so far away
    Feb 80

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