How long can we stay in the previous company after H1b transfer has been approved?

Microsoft Peaceouttt
Nov 14 8 Comments

I have an H1-B with Microsodt. I received an offer from Twitter and they have initiated H1-B transfer under premium processing.

Now the situation is, I have some stocks with Microsoft that will vest on March 1st, 2020.

1. If my H1-b transfer to Twitter is approved by mid December, how long can I still work with Microsoft? What happens during that time - I would have 2 H1-bs?
2. What happens if H1-B transfer to Twitter is denied. Can I still remain employed with Microsoft?

(Please serious answers only)


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  • Oracle R2d2c3p0
    You can continue with your current employer as long as you want.
    Of course twitter may ask you to join earlier but it’s nothing to do with visa

    For 2) yes they are essentially two separate visas
    Nov 14 4
    • Microsoft Peaceouttt
      Thanks for the reply.

      Twitter is ready to postpone the joining as much as required.

      So during that time, I will have 2 h1bs? That sounds weird.

      Just to nitpick, how confident are you? Also, any lawyer recommendations? I don’t mind spending a few hundreds if I can save thousands in stock.
      Nov 14
    • Oracle R2d2c3p0
      Pretty confident :) but of course this is blind and the definite answer can only be given by a lawyer

      If transfer is denied and you are still not working at Twitter , you can continue to work at ms as if you never applied and got an offer at Twitter :)
      Nov 14
    • Microsoft Peaceouttt
      Cool, thank you! You’re awesome :)
      Nov 14
    • New itBz70
      Yes you can work at ms until you want. Also consult lawyers on
      Nov 15
  • Teradata rockerArm8
    You can have as many approved h1bs as you want in parallel. It just means you're permitted to work for the company for the specific period.
    Nov 14 0
  • Intel vmwr97
    You typically should negotiate with Twitter about the amount of vested shares that you’re going to miss if you want to join early. Few companies do support these add ons
    Nov 18 0
  • Oracle bybyby
    There is no such thing as “transfer” h1b.
    Nov 14 0


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