How long do you keep your car?

New qntryzx
Feb 26 15 Comments

Purchased A4 and after 4 yrs with 54k miles on it, thinking what to do. It is in perfect condition (touch wood). How long you guys keep your car? How many miles on it? Is worth keep it for more 3-4 yes or sell it ?

Looking for suggestions.


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  • Broadcom Ltd. rFkd21
    Keep it until the wheels fall off.
    Feb 262
    • Intel bob_noyce
      +1. OP has a vehicle that is hitting the sweet spot of reliable and low years and mileage. Should be spotless until at least 100k miles with proper care and maintenance. To sell it now basically means you took the brunt of the vehicle's depreciation for little return. This is when you should have no payment and no maintenance issues. Ownership nirvana. To sell and buy new again just wastes money for no reason. A proper reliable modern vehicle should have very few issues for 5-10 years. If you just want the vanity of a new car or like to blow money, then YMMV and that's a different topic.
      Feb 26
    • AT&T / DataMr.Fix
      Last car had 236k current car has 103k with intent to keep for 5 years
      Feb 26
  • General Motors Y1pYip
    Until it fall apart, not going to happen for at least 20 years.
    Feb 261
    • Amazon moved2ms
      The first sign of reliability issues with my last car I bailed. I had it for 11 years. I think the car would have lasted way longer but I had been lusting after a Tesla and looking for any excuse. I still feel bad. There was no reason to replace the old car, but I love my new car so much.
      Feb 26
  • Intel movaxbx
    Pay cash for my cars. First one was 17 years 250k. This one now is 20 years with 180k and a second car for 7 years as well

    You all like to lose money and are horrible investors if your taking out loans and flipping cars that are losing 20% in 2 years. Ffs use your Big TC and live within your means
    Feb 260
  • Honeywell / Engthat1guy
    I usually keep it until it runs out of gas. Toss it and buy a new one
    Feb 260
  • All the Dave Ramsey hoorah aside—you probably make good money so if you want a new car because it “sparks joy” then just fucking do it. Limiting your enjoyment due to someone else’s arbitrary rules is just stupid.

    From a conservative financial perspective, that A4 has a TON of life left in it and you should continue to drive it until it doesn’t make sense anymore. That will probably be around the 100k mile point when major service intervals ($3k+) calculate a large chuck of the car’s worth.
    Feb 260
  • New pwjh56
    keep for a bit more. last one was G Class and that lasted for 8 years.
    Feb 260
  • General Motors cRwL07
    New car every year. Do not look at employer. Seriously my priorities after it’s paid for are - is is safe or has safety in newer vehicles leapfrogged what I have? Is it reliable? Does it do what I need it to do (fit people, haul stuff). Way in last is do I have disposable income, do I just want something nicer? What problem are you trying to solve here- residual value optimization?
    Feb 261
    • New qntryzx
      Ya makes sense, I see you're in GM.
      Feb 26
  • Chase / Eng


    15+ yoe, Java, etc
    I have a 20 year old project car. Most cars don't start falling apart until they are about 10+ years old and then it's a ton of minor things constantly dying like belts hoses and seals. All of that stuff can be fixed tho. Just have to stay ahead of it. But 10 years is a good rule of thumb for a lot of cars.
    Feb 260
  • Veritas / Other13Jija
    I buy pre owned certified cars only. Use them for 5-6 years and then move on to the next one(pre owned certified).
    Feb 260
  • VMware / Product


    Keep until HOV stickers expire
    Feb 260
  • Microsoft SuperSsus
    10 years is good enough if buying new.
    Feb 260

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