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How long does it take to externally backfill a senior engineering position on your team?

Reddit pzqf14
Dec 28, 2018

I added the "on your team" bit to control for niches, but second hand experiences are also educational. Generally, how long does it take to find senior+ engineering talent? Further, is there labor tightening at the moment?


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  • Trying for almost 6-8 months now. Those who claim big can’t code well, and those who can somewhat code do not have a whole lot of experience. Those who have both - somewhat coding and design skills with experience, have several offers.

    PS: work for one of the Fangsu but use my side hustle business address for blind.
    Dec 28, 20181
    • Blizzard others
      I can code with google and api documentation.
      Dec 28, 2018
  • Oath 20
    Jan 30

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