How long from interview to offer at Samsung Research America

Abbott smo86
Sep 24 14 Comments

I interviewed at Samsung Research America for a Product Manager position exactly 7 business days ago. The recruiter promptly responded to my email last week and let me know that they are interviewing 2 other candidates this week. The hiring manager also acknowledged my thank you email and said the team enjoyed the interactions. How long does this process typically take? The wait is very anxiety-stoking!


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  • Samsung samsungSJC
    Digital health is very bad team.. they dont do anything... don't waste your time
    Sep 25 0
  • Samsung / Product MpCv28
    Digital Health Lab is a good place to go. Their leader, Alex is very forward thinking and for now has support of top management. I would continue with this opportunity if you do end up getting it
    Sep 25 2
    • Samsung YbXN10
      Nov 7
    • Samsung / Product MpCv28
      With what part :)
      Nov 8
  • Samsung samty
    Stay away.. I have worked with them.. bunch of useless projects
    Sep 27 0
  • Samsung NoComments
    Stay away from this company. Thank me later.
    Sep 25 0
  • Samsung EECa67
    @string3 rethink your situation, you work in a pure health focused company; Samsung still has a long way to go regarding health projects. Remembered the other Samsung Medical Device divisions have nothing to do with your group or business, and seldom do they actually collaborate.
    Sep 25 0
  • Roku cruella
    They r fixing their phone. Sit tight. As soon as it's working you will be the first one they call.
    Sep 24 0
  • Samsung / Product MpCv28
    @smo86 - which team
    Sep 24 1
    • Abbott string3
      Digital Health lab
      Sep 24
  • OP, Did you get hired? What's TC if we got the offer?
    Nov 9 0
  • Samsung / Eng

    Samsung Eng

    Analog Devices, Qualcomm
    Analog Devices, Boston (firmware, DSP) 8 months Qualcomm Technologies Inc., San Diego (Tools Software) 6+ years Samsung Semiconductors, R&D (RF/Mixed Signal)
    It can take some time.
    Oct 9 0
  • SAP ku6s2g
    btw dont hold your breath. TC is very low. i am rolling on gold at SAP but a higher position at samsumg resulted into an offer of 20% pay cut. after days of negotiations and promises, they came back with a stupid 25k signon bonus.
    Sep 24 0
  • Roku / Eng

    Roku Eng

    Samsung Electronics
    If you are a strong candidate, 3-4 days. If you are a good but not the best, 7-10 days.
    Sep 24 0


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