How long would it take for a newbie to be hired in computer vision?

Tesla ojsetu
Mar 16 3 Comments

Hi All,

Just started learning about computer vision cause I've recently been interested in the space. Mostly learning through open source projects and online courses. Realistically speaking how long would it take me to get to a level to be able to do this professionally? What does the future of this space look like? Any benchmarks/accomplishments that employers would pay attention to etc?

Also, what are some roles/companies that would be a good place to enter the industry through?



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  • Credit Karma WRra32
    There is plenty of demand for software engineers, that’s why you can do a bootcamp and get hired in a well paying job.

    There is very little demand for computer vision talent. To the extent you see high salaries here, you also see very impressive credentials directly related to computer vision.
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  • Google / Eng
    odd prime

    Google Eng

    odd primemore
    It’s not a field for “I took a couple online classes and posted a project on github once” sorts. I guess “do it professionally” is ambiguous, so maybe that depends what you mean, but I’d say it would take you the 5-6 years required to get your PhD.
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  • Amazon petaflops
    About 5-10 years!
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