How many days does your company cover jury duty?

OpenText RIP Theon😥
Jul 8 10 Comments

My company only covers 7 days, but the case I may be put in is estimated to last 1 month. I’d lose a few thousand bucks if I’m selected for this case...


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  • Autodesk DouP01
    Isn’t it a federal duty for companies to cover all of it?
    Jul 8 2
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    • Oath Atinlay2
      Even if you are sequestered with no access, they still have to pay you.
      Jul 8
  • Amazon prestige🧐
    Disqualify yourself by plea of insanity
    Jul 8 0
  • Oath Atinlay2
    Your employer has to let you out for jury duty
    Jul 8 1
    • Activision Blizzard 86753on
      They don’t have to pay you though
      Jul 8
  • Amazon TRuc81
    Just mention “jury nullification” and your jury duty is gone
    Jul 8 0
  • OpenText RIP Theon😥
    Ok thanks for the tips, guys. I’ll make sure I get paid. A few thousand bucks is serious business, considering how much effort I put making my side hustle generate revenue.
    Jul 8 0
  • Intel l1l1l
    If you're an exempt employee at Intel you get full pay for however long you serve
    Jul 8 0