How many times do you go to gym per week?

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Feb 28

Self training also counts



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  • McAfee JohnMcPee
    Just started hitting the gym for the first time in my life this year and I’ve settled on going 5 times a week. Felt like a chore initially but now I like it.

    Coupled with the fact that I quit smoking and drinking, it feels much better.
    Feb 283
    • Microsoft SunRsrsHyd
      Nice 👍
      Feb 28
    • Axtria DesiLaunda
      What motivated you to make these drastic lifestyle changes?
      Feb 28
    • McAfee JohnMcPee
      @DesiLaunda: TLDR: I crossed 30

      Smoking - I smoked 7-10 cigarettes a day for a decade. Nothing else was as addictive as smoking tobacco (and I’ve done quite a few things other than tobacco). I used to play a few sports when I was younger. One day I decided to take the stairs rather than the elevator and by the time I reached my floor, I was gasping for breath like a whale outta the water on the shore. Quit cold turkey 4 years ago. Biggest achievement of my life. Also, most friends who did smoke quit too. Not sure if it’s coincidence or sheer luck.

      Drinking - I used to drink almost every day until 2 years ago. I thought the party would last until I am 50 or something. Wrong. The hangovers started to get worse. Besides, I am a light sleeper. Even a shallow 6 hour sleep period is like a win. Alcohol affected that. Sleep is paramount to me these days. I also love to drive! Now I don’t have to worry about driving anywhere or taking an Uber back. Drinking every day turned to drinking 3 days a week to drinking once a week to drinking once a month to zero. I did turn to sodas for a while to fill that void but ditched that for just water or milk.

      Gym - I saw some insane transformations on Reddit that inspired me. I am trying to put on weight (yeah, a weird problem to have) and those posts motivated me.
      Feb 28
  • PwC watdo
    I work from home and have been looking at doing DDP Yoga because its be super easy to just bust out a session.

    I've gained 22 pounds in 18 months working at home. It's so easy to just make delicious food for lunch. Time to stop being a fat fuck.
    Feb 281
    • I’m with you - WFH is really tough on your diet. And you don’t get a chance to walk around a lot. Lately I started to go out for lunch instead so I can at least see some sunshine.
      Feb 28
  • Uber Hdjci24
    5-6. It’s easier to stay in shape than to get in shape as you get older. And if anyone reading this is depressed then I’d really urge you to try working out.
    Feb 280
  • VMware _&_
    Never liked gyms.
    Just no reason to go there, esp. in California climate.
    Feb 281
    • Isn't that more reason to go? Show off your gains
      Feb 28
  • Micro Focus / Englifter
    I lift weights 3 times per week, and run 2 times per week. So I go to the gym three times per week and do all my running outside.
    Feb 280
  • Facebook public2
    No wonder so many blinders are stressed and unable to get dates
    Feb 280
  • Microsoft / Eng


    Been doing mostly 5 days a week for the last 3 years now. Few weeks I go 6 days depending on how I'm feeling.
    Feb 280
  • Anywhere between 2-4 days a week + hiking on weekends.
    Feb 280

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