How many uber employees dumping uber stock this week ?

eBay dvgC31
Nov 4 20 Comments

i just saw that the Uber’s stock lokup expires this week , so who all dumping the stock and also whats ur average buy price ?

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  • Facebook


    Google, Oracle
    Employees will hold. And vc start to dump, and it goes lower and lower and finally employees panic to sell at 10s.
    Nov 4 5
    • Amazon real_bezos
      ^ This. It will be mostly VCs and investors dumping the stock. They may have invested when Uber’s valuation was like 10$ and now they will dump it for more than double. They won’t sell 100% of their investments as well. They will hold some back. BYND became a dumpster after lockup.
      Nov 4
    • Workday khgyijv
      I thought investors especially VCs can sell anytime they want .
      Nov 4
    • Cruise Automation foodi
      VC/investors have a lockup as well.
      Nov 4
    • Uber gh5ht8g
      It's ok. As long as it's more than $7, l still make more than my last job. So a $10 panic is still profitable for me
      Nov 4
    • Cisco babak_mo
      You nailed it
      Nov 5
  • Uber kenem
    Nov 4 2
    • New scheme
      Aah. Almost two years since we last saw this!
      Nov 4
    • Uber vwhF75
      Nov 4
  • Sprint / Product

    Sprint Product

    Tech project program manager
    Keep your holdings at no more than 5% of your total assets. Sell the rest. #rememberenron
    Nov 4 0
  • Uber tuscano
    Not me
    Nov 4 7
    • Cruise Automation foodi
      To buy a house, retire or take a few years off, pay their student loans or their kids loans, or diversify. Any reason where a person needs a large amount of cash.

      Some people been there for a long time with monopoly money. Some been through the dot com bubble and remember what happened to those that held onto their company stock as it tumbled to near worthless or became worthless.
      Nov 4
    • Uber / Mgmt

      Uber Mgmt

      Google, Facebook
      90% of Uber employers with holding have average buy price above 33. If they sell for any reason, it is for tax and capital loss harvesting.
      Nov 5
    • Lyft llappqq
      Curious how 90% have at above 33, is there an easy way to see historical granted rsu prices as they increased over the years
      Nov 5
    • Cisco babak_mo
      You must be a millennial. Drinking the koolaid
      Nov 5
    • Cisco babak_mo
      Wrong, all vested shares were at a price of $45
      Nov 5
  • Uber TravisDa
    Hold for couple years. I am not in a hurry
    Nov 4 0
  • Microsoft 特朗
    Hope they don't, so that it depreciates further
    Nov 5 0


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