How much TC to live comfortably in bay area

New / Data tVMh86
Mar 27 21 Comments

Currently in Seattle 140tc

Got offer at unicorn in bay area 160k (not uber lyft airbnb) includes base bonus signon

Can probably get to 180-200 after negotiating

Prefer to live alone, eat fancy meals once in awhile. Undecided on whether to drive in sf

Should i take it?


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TOP 21 Comments
  • Uber God.
    Living alone is going to cost you in SF. With 160 you will still be fine IMO even with 1 bedroom. But you will burn a lot of money on rent and save a lot less.
    Mar 27 8
    • Amazon xYbT00
      Yup, land. In one of the least desirable areas. And depending on where the commute is to/from..

      The median home price tells the story, OP.
      Mar 27
    • Microsoft yiqing
      I just posted a picture of a 3 bedroom house for $350,000.
      Mar 27
    • Cisco cust24577
      Buy that if you want to get shotttttt
      Mar 27
    • Visa / Eng kjzO64
      Some Blind peeps unfairly characterize the East Bay as a ghetto. Well, that particular house is balls deep in the ghetto.
      Mar 28
    • eBay / Eng weeee
      Put a tombstone in front of that house with your name on it because Cisco is right! Sketch
      Mar 28
  • Autodesk FzD73g
    You can live comfortably in the bay with 160k, but saving will be near impossible.

    Considering that Seattle doesn’t have income tax, with your standard of living you’re probably going to be losing money compared to Seattle
    Mar 27 1
    • Google KissMyPiss
      Pretty much this. If I didn't already own property if be broke.
      Mar 27
  • Microsoft AbYK56
    Going from 140 in Seattle to 160 in the Bay is a pretty significant compensation decrease, recruiter should know this and be flexible on negotiations. You’re gonna be paying about 15k in state income tax alone going to the Bay from Seattle.
    Mar 27 3
    • Amazon xYbT00
      This. It’s about a 40% increase in CoL. Whether the job is worth it.. only you can decide.
      Mar 27
    • Microsoft FooBar.
      I don’t think it’s 40%.

      15-20% sounds more reasonable. The major difference is 10% state tax.
      Mar 27
    • Uber God.
      Agreed that it’s likely closer to 15 percent than 40. Also state tax for 160 would be around 11k, it’s 7 percent at that income level
      Mar 27
  • Amazon lolwhat
    Not much different from your current Seattle @ 140k lifestyle.
    Mar 27 0
  • Amazon xYbT00
    I have recently lived in both. Feel free to DM, OP, if you want some data. Otherwise; there’s plenty of online tools to compare the CoL. Your tolerance for commute time and if you have a car will be major factors in the bay.
    Mar 27 0
  • Visa / Eng kjzO64
    Step 1) Enumerate all the East Bay Bart stations
    Step 2) Exclude “Bay Fair” and all the stations in Oakland.
    Step 3) Live in a modest apartment, townhouse, or condo within walking distance of one of the remaining BART stations.

    Now you are making it in the Bay Area.

    If you are accustomed to living in an urban environment, you may consider 19th street BART in Oakland.
    Mar 29 0
  • New / Data tVMh86
    Is a smaller company too, so expected to put in more hours too. also worried my $/hour after tax will go way as well
    Mar 27 0
  • Groupon / Eng sleepy
    I would say a 35k increase just to maintain the same lifestyle. That takes it to 175k. You can settle on anything north of 180k to keep some more in pocket.
    Mar 27 0
  • New yyPg74
    Mar 27 0


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