How much discount at Porsche

Amazon Lagged
Jul 6 16 Comments

How much %discount off MSRP you got when you purchased your Porsche?



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  • Amazon / Eng PrimsAlgo
    Since when did Amazon employees start getting Porsche discounts?
    Jul 6 6
    • IBM xlajduf
      I dont think so
      Jul 6
    • Nutanix 1adja134
      Depends on the model
      Jul 6
    • IBM xlajduf
      Op wants to show off and ure telling him to get a poor mans porsche??
      Jul 6
    • Nutanix 1adja134
      I’m willing to bet there’s a huge subset of people who don’t give a damn about the model and just look at the Porsche logo on the car before thinking, “wow that’s a Porsche”. So if vanity is a reason, it is reasonable to expect the purchase of a lower cost model. If not, then I guess not. Nothing against OP, we’re all human :D
      Jul 6
    • IBM xlajduf
      Then just buy a porsche logo and stick it on ur beater
      Jul 6
  • Amazon qazwsxedc1
    Ah yes , nothing like paying top dollar for a depreciating asset
    Jul 6 1
    • Amazon Lagged
      Nothing like joining amazon and earning second class SDE income
      Jul 6
  • Google anononly
    When is the best time in year to get discount on luxury car (or any new car) purchase? Never owned a new car in life before.
    Jul 6 2
    • from my experience on or around black friday. Next years models are coming out soon and are often already announced so you dealers are in hurry to get rid of their inventory + manufacturers give huge incentives due to black friday.
      Jul 7
    • Pivotal / Ops AllDaSmoke
      Winter is the best time for red sports cars.
      Jul 12
  • Uber will Jan
    Depends on the model. Macan gets deep discount. Cayenne much lower discount.
    7d 0
  • Nvidia buttercorn
    None, I bought a lambo
    Jul 6 0
  • -42%
    Jul 6 0
  • 112%
    Jul 6 0