How much do people make in consumer banking?

Citibank vDslIa
May 15 6 Comments

What's the TC for these position? Is it super low? I still think it would be a less stressful job where you get to work with people and make a decent amount. Anyone with this kind of experience who can share what it's like in the industry?


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  • Chase / Eng HeLn18
    TC depends - if you come in from external, they’ll make you a decent offer. Benefits are pretty good though, ~24-25 PTO days immediately, and ~7-8% 401k.
    Definitely less stressful than finance, but still depends on the team, and will suck around deadline times.
    Lots more bullshit meetings, and a lot of older tech. Newer tech is usually set up in a very enterprise way, needing lots of approvals and very specific standardized methods of usage.
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    • Morgan Stanley mcSa53
      Come to Morgan Stanley. :) lots of new tech, amazing infra
      May 15
  • Bank of America cncr
    What role specifically?
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  • Wells Fargo / Eng ostrich1
    I now have 30 days PTO & 7% 401k.
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  • Nvidia signale
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  • Ally Financial

    Ally Financial

    Everything HeLn18 said is right. Really team dependent - I’ve left at 5pm every day with one team and doing work texts at midnight with another. Enterprise way of everything and everything is old because of it - but they are realizing it and will jump ahead at times. Salary - don’t expect FANG and honestly they underpay for a lot of tech specialities BUT the benefits and slow corporate structure make it a place to level up while pulling a salary.
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