How much does a FANG recruiter make?

May 7 6 Comments

I see a lot of enthusiastic young recruiters at FANG who seem like they have a fair amount of power over your prospects with the company. Just wondering how much these people make on average? I am not talking about senior recruiters but more about the younger ones who often reach out to regarding new grad roles etc.

Edit: Specifically in Bay Area


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Facebook public2
    A lot, enough to make most swe mad. Top performers make a lot a lot.
    May 7 0
  • Uber meder
    not much but more than you’d expect
    May 7 1
    • OP
      More than entry level SWE?
      May 7
  • Uber fjfuf
    100k for good ones. Over 150k for lead recruiters
    May 7 2
    • OP
      100k for entry level recruiters?? 🤯
      Base or TC? I picked the wrong profession
      May 7
    • Uber fjfuf
      I said good ones not entry level
      May 7