How much does a Network Engineer make at Juniper Networks?

Charter 0DgCWE
Jun 30 6 Comments

Anyone from there that can shed some like? I have 2 yoe.


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  • Amazon dhoooom
    It’s sinking ship. Juniper. Employees are quitting left right and center. FYI
    Jun 30 0
  • Juniper scandeep
    Sounds like in IT.
    Jul 2 0
  • Juniper jocker
    What is the profile being offered - Engineering? Location?
    Jul 2 0
  • Juniper ncLF80
    I guess 120-130k, 6 years ago I joined with 2.5 yoe, my offer was around 110k
    Jul 2 0
  • Cisco holaboys
    Around 125k. It's not gonna sink for a while.
    Jul 2 0
  • Apple snelq
    Jun 30 0


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