How much hooking up happens at FAANG?

New l8avn
Jun 4 9 Comments

As the question asks. Is it zero because tech is 200% male anyway?


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  • Google nrvD43
    You think tech companies have no sales, no HR, no ops, just a bunch of sweaty engineers huddled in a room?
    Jun 4 4
  • Apple SamPam
    None! It's not Farma
    Jun 4 0
  • Microsoft summ
    Between techies is mostly long term stuff. Women in sales and legal are pretty fun even in FAANG. I would stay away from recruiters though, if shit hits the fan that's a closed door for you at a company.

    Btw, overall is still pretty low, you have much better odds looking elsewhere.
    Jun 4 1
  • Juniper Pliny Jr
    Jun 4 0