How much in stocks / equity / sellable equity did early employees of indian startups made, even if startup is not public

Expedia Group Tauji
Sep 10 5 Comments

Asking because lots of devs are unsure whether to join as first employee because it is a huge risk moving from stable company. Mostly one does not know how much equity to ask for.
Also this would work as inspiration for others to work in startups.

Tc : 40 lakh
Yoe ~ 5


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  • LinkedIn / Eng phatman
    Startups are a scam
    Sep 11 0
  • New dPzr45
    Yep , don't join startups have been first employee , couple of times .but employee is an employee .
    Sep 11 3
    • Expedia Group Tauji
      What went wrong?
      Sep 11
    • New dPzr45
      One needs to think like an investor . You will have to work like a founder but will gain as an employee . I don't think it's fair , because you are taking no less risk . If the startup shuts down , you are out of job as well as nothing to show for it , after all you were an employee .so my advice if you want to start up, don't play it vicariously , either start it yourself or chill in a larger org and build your career brick by brick .
      Sep 12
    • Expedia Group Tauji
      I agree to these points seems like there is no upside to working in Indian startups these days, simply because of demand supply and frugal mentality of us. In US I talked to some of my friends this is at least to some extent better
      Sep 13


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