How much is Eb-3 GC repayment?

Chase paperchase
Feb 9 8 Comments

My employer sponsored my GC and it states that i need to pay back the costs when i leave before 2 years.

Does anyone know how much costs it would be? Pretax or post tax? They also mentioned that they might just take it out of my pay.


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  • AIG / Product

    AIG Product

    Deloitte Digital
    Counseling CxOs for AI-first strategy !
    Usually not over 1-3k for i-140. It's meagre. Just dust it off
    Feb 9 0
  • Usually, before you join the company you sign an immigration agreement with the company. It will be mentioned in that. In my case I have to give back 100% if I leave with an year.
    Feb 9 2
    • Chase paperchase
      The contract says 100%, but it doesnt say how much in dollars
      Feb 9
    • Whatever they spent in filling GC for you like lawyer fees etc.
      Feb 9
  • Manhattan Associates / R&D

    Manhattan Associates R&D

    Microsoft, XPO Logistics
    Max 5-8 K
    Feb 9 0
  • Microsoft huiii
    How long does the process has been taken until you got your EB-3 GC?
    Feb 9 0
  • VMware kjrp10
    They can only charge you for I140 and I485 assuming they submitted.
    They cannot legally charge you for anything related to Perm.
    Cost depends on number of family members as I485 fees are per GC.
    Lawyers I assume they have on retainer, so your case didn't incur additional charge.
    As mentioned earlier, negotiate cost with new employer.
    Should be about 1K per document
    Feb 9 0
  • Nvidia spm3
    Negotiate it with the new employer
    Feb 9 0