How much is good TC for an APM in the Bay Area?

New RedRook
Jul 26 8 Comments

Just accepted an offer as an APM (Associate Product Manager):

YOE: 1.5 YOE (3 internships + 6 months at a small startup)

TC: 133K (123 Base + 10k bonus, no signing bonus and I was told RSU's are issued at manager's discretion after yearly perf review)

Is this standard? To be honest, I'm very grateful for this offer and feel like I am already being overpaid but wanted to know if this was pretty standard TC for APM


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TOP 8 Comments
  • SAP zil
    Is this SAP? This sounds like an SAP offer lol
    Jul 26 3
    • New RedRook
      Holy shit. It is, how did you know?
      Jul 26
    • SAP zil
      Too long at SAP...too long.
      Jul 26
    • New RedRook
      Are you in South SF, San Ramon or Palo Alto?
      Jul 26
  • Nutanix waygejd
    Congratulations buddy it’s a solid offer. TC breakdown can vary from company to company. I knew it was SAP by the offer numbers as well.
    Jul 26 1
  • Medallia fMuU04
    Can you please tell me when you applied? I'm trying to transition to PM and was wondering if this is position is still open
    Aug 3 0
  • Workday / Product tdf
    Jul 26 0