How not to compare yourself to others?

Amazon salty123
Feb 3 15 Comments

I know it’s a bit ironic to ask this question on here when everyone is comparing themselves to each other with regards to TC, but seriously what do you do to kind of be at peace with where you are? Someone can always be doing something better than you are and I have an unhealthy habit of comparing myself on every little thing.


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  • CA Technologies e2be2r
    If you let people live in your head, they will occupy a lot of space, build sky scrapers and cause burden to you living there without paying a penny of rent. My advice? Don’t let them stay rent free. Evict them immediately and free your mind.
    Feb 3 2
    • Amazon salty123
      How do you do this though?
      Feb 4
    • CA Technologies e2be2r
      Start by evaluating how your life would be if you evict them, i.e. if you don’t give a shit about them
      Feb 4
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    • Microsoft puyo
      And since people lie more about this than TC there is absolutely no baseline for comparison, so you'd be free of jealousy as long as you are getting some.
      Feb 3
  • Dropbox / Eng 100k🔗🐼
    Just uninstall blind. You’ll be okay.
    Feb 4 0
  • New mdGG61
    Know yourself deeply. What do you want from your life?
    Feb 3 0
  • Snapchat evan.musk
    If big bang were to be true, we all were just packed together in one small space. Today we think we are all different and individual. Once you bring that perspective, and once you start investing in others success, you will grow up and not think like what you are currently thinking.
    In every situation, you have the choice to be a larger person or the smaller one. Exercise the choice.
    Feb 3 0
  • Goldman Sachs / Data

    Goldman Sachs Data

    A B C
    Always Be Crushing
    Feb 3 0
  • Microsoft ok47
    Keep doing it. That's how you get to motivate yourself and move forward! If you always think you are the best and are satisfied with everything you have, you will stop making effort to get to the next level.
    Feb 3 0
  • New / Mgmt VSwf01
    Compare in all directions. Don't just focus on those doing better than you. Remember you are doing better than others. TC isn't enough. I don't have high TC since I'm in the Midwest but I have more savings than some with double the TC who are in the Bay area
    Feb 4 1
    • Amazon salty123
      I feel like I suck in all ways though. But I’m feeling more confident at work lately so maybe I should focus on that.
      Feb 4
  • Amazon jEEg41
    The most important thing that matters at the end of the day is money. It’s all about the money
    Feb 3 1
    • Microsoft puyo
      Are you that shit eater from the other post about money?
      Feb 3
  • New / Eng leet4job
    I am trying to optimize for how many people I serve. True that I trade my time and work hard to earn money.

    However, I know that I could use that income to help myself, my family, my parents and others. I found joy and happiness in thinking so.

    It all depends on what you wanna do with your life though.
    Feb 3 0