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How picky are you with your eggs?

Facebook pipirupiru
Jan 20

Do you read the labels? If so, what do you look for?



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  • Microsoft moneytree
    You have organic twice. And this should be multi select
    Jan 200
  • Microsoft Larry Pаge
    Is this leetcode hard or what
    Jan 201
    • Facebook pipirupiru
      This is the follow-up question you usually get in an interview after Leetcode 887. Super Egg Drop.
      Jan 20
  • I pasture-raise my own FWIW
    Jan 200
  • Google alumnius
    Costco actually has great pasture raised eggs.
    Jan 200
  • Facebook / Eng5'6"Indian
    As long as it's not Prestige-free I'll have em all
    Jan 200
  • Credit Karma yogi.bear
    Whatever kind is in the company fridge
    Jan 200
  • Oath / Engfat
    Just no cracks, usually the brown ones. Brown eggs have thicker shells that make them less likely to crack.
    Jan 200
  • Google / Eng;O 𓂺
    Didn't see Fried on the list. Weird.
    Jan 200
  • Airbnb avqx65
    I like my eggs fertilized
    Jan 200
  • SAP Chivo
    Can you trust labels and companies?
    Jan 200
  • Apple procto
    Can’t figure out your options but brown grade AA medium or large.
    Jan 200

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