How realistic is Elon's prediction to put 1M robo-taxis on the road in 2020 as an autonomous ride hailing network? ๐Ÿค–๐Ÿš•

New / Eng starl0rd
Apr 24 12 Comments

I find it super far-fetched as I don't think he is even thinking about how the rest of the system would integrate and work.

I mean it took Uber around 5-6 years to become as reliable as it is now and I am not talking about the frontend and the app challenge but I am talking about the backend, the scalability and the reliability aspect.

Also, where is the regulation aspect with that? I always thought like the fully autonomous self driving tech is at least 5 years away and regulation is more or less 10 years away but it seems like that the gap is closing quiet fast.

How does it affects Uber, Lyft, Waymo etc?




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  • Google ovBk62
    Taxi part isn't the unrealistic one. The unrealistic is Tesla having that good an AV system by 2020.
    Apr 24 4
    • Uber fhdye
      Especially since Tesla is dead last in AV dev
      Apr 24
    • General Motors QEmN10
      DOT approval and how regulations pan out could affect this dramatically. I also think theyโ€™re between mildly and moderately over confident in the no lidar approach this early on in the game.
      Apr 24
    • Amazon jtGV66
      Keep telling yourself that Uber ๐Ÿ˜‚
      Apr 24
    • Uber fhdye
      Uber is second last ๐Ÿ˜‚
      Apr 24
  • Intuit tgfi
    I donโ€™t see them manufacturing that many Teslaโ€™s with their current setup. So no way.
    Apr 24 0
  • Facebook zuzuzuzu
    Elon smoking some good shit to come up with this bullshit
    Apr 24 1
  • Pinterest JEJM77
    Are there even one million Teslas in the world? Even if Tesla did have the magical tech they claim they have, they arenโ€™t making an additional one million cars this year
    Apr 24 1
    • New / Eng starl0rd
      I think he meant a total of 1M Teslas since he started manufacturing.
      Apr 24
  • ServiceNow zboot_hi
    elon must have gotten into grimesโ€™s meth stash
    Apr 24 0
  • New / IT

    New IT

    I failed to launch an independent media company in Portland (for most of my early adulthood,) and now Iโ€™m back home, working in IT Twin Peaks.
    Considering that the United Statesโ€™ system of transcontinental interstates basically hasnโ€™t changed in configuration since they were built in the 1940s...

    Iโ€™d just like to raise my hand once more to say *please fix the roads we already have because theyโ€™re becoming unusable.*
    Apr 29 0