How should I prepare for a Netflix tech phone interview?

New bpqgwtk
Nov 5 5 Comments

Yes, I have read the culture deck and I think I am comfortable with it.

How should I prepare for the tech part of the interview. My interview is for next week and it is for a senior software engineer.

I searched here and other places but couldn't find much. What should I focus on?

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  • Netflix aWGe33
    Work on your CS fundamentals. Data structures and algorithms. It's no different than interviewing at other tech companies. If you do well enough (but not yes) some teams will assign a take home assignment to assess your skills. So refresh and relax.
    Nov 5 1
  • Microsoft fembot
    Watch some Adam Sandler movies. Slip a few random quotes in during your interview.
    Nov 5 0
  • Amazon KRONjob
    You can't. It sucks :(
    Nov 5 0
  • Uber Bad-ipo
    Code something. It’s that simple.
    Nov 5 0


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