How to avoid LinkedIn recruiter mails from startups?

Netflix enjoylyfe
Sep 9 4 Comments

I get contacted by recruiters asking to join startups and promising paper money. I try to reply saying I'm not interested. But lately, I've given up due to the sheer volume of recruiter mails. How can I let people know I'm only interested in big companies (and only those that pay really well) and are a step up from Netflix (money or job role or exciting projects or culture) and avoid the barrage of recruiter emails?


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Google Britt
    Either ignore or delete your LinkedIn account.
    Sep 10 0
  • Twitch / Design Pcueo23
    How come I never get recruiters reaching out to me? :( feelsbadman
    Sep 9 0
  • New qa771
    LinkedIn has an option where you can leave note to recruiters. Please check LinkedIn career interests section.
    Sep 9 0
  • Intel / HR M🍩RTHY
    When you respond to the LinkedIn message, it costs them more money.
    Sep 9 0


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