How to break into Quantitative Research?

New BWdQ46
Jun 9 3 Comments

I’m a student getting a dual Master’s in CS and Biology from GT and Harvard, and in the past I started an ML startup. I’m currently doing Deep Learning research in an applied math lab and also am a research fellow at an MLaaS startup in NYC.

In general, would this background be sufficient to start getting interviews at places like 2Sigma? What should I prepare/study to go into QR?

Also in Boston, there’s another firm, Domeyard. Would trying to go work for them be a better entry into the industry?


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  • Avant / Product GqwD11
    From my friends currently at HFs: if you understand and can speak to the content in Elements of Statistical Learning, that plus some networking should give you adequate preparation for the interview process
    Jun 10 2
    • New BWdQ46
      Thanks! Wow ESL is something I know back to front, I’m a little surprised that is the go to preparation, maybe my mental model of quant work was a little off.
      Jun 10
    • Avant / Product GqwD11
      It's not necessarily the only go to, but that book serves as part of the core fundamentals. As long as you're not reciting definitions and can pull concepts together to know how to choose and tweak algorithms to fit the problem, you should be fine. HFs have a lot of data, but the common challenges of overfitting, multicollinearity, etc will always be there. Best of luck, and please share how it goes
      Jun 10