How to clear Karat interview?

Salesforce ikEY57
Sep 19 11 Comments

Looks like in Karat interview the interviewer keeps increasing the level of complexity everytime you answer the programming question and finally it goes to a stage where you either run out of time or you end up solving partially? Has anyone cleared the Karat interview successfully? What is the strategy for handling the questions?


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  • Amazon amidor
    I solved about 2.75 of the questions (ran out of time). Apparently that was considered a good result. But they all felt the same difficulty. So maybe just lucky
    Sep 19 5
    • New tuteg
      can I dm you about the questions?
      Sep 26
    • Amazon / Eng

      Amazon Eng

      Microsoft, Amazon
      Sep 26
    • New tuteg
      I just did thanks
      Sep 26
    • New xzxP18
      I also have a Karat interview in the next few days, can you also dm about the questions?
      Oct 7
    • Cisco kLYN57
      can both of you dm me the questions? want to see the severity and type
  • Salesforce vjkos
    You don't need to finish all the questions (you can't, there's no limit). They say at the start that they'll just keep asking questions till time runs out
    Sep 19 2
    • Salesforce vjkos
      Source: passed Karat interview. Got to a point where I was essentially asked to solve a disguised TSP problem.
      Sep 19
    • New tuteg
      @vjkos what company was this
      Sep 26
  • Groupon STCO30
    You should aim to solve at least 2 questions. If you finish three questions, you did very well.
    Sep 19 0
  • American Express gandalf$$
    Databricks? Pinterest?
    Sep 19 0


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