How to deal with big changes at a big corp

Sprint kesTNN
Jun 22 4 Comments

My job at Sprint is my first job out of college and all the talks about the merger between Sprint and T-Mobile makes me feel a little uneasy because I don't really understand what the impact will be for me and my team. Seems like there are a lot of people here from huge corporations who have probably gone through multiple mergers and different company changes on a large scale. What should I expect? Should I be ready to get laid off? Should I be asking my manager what's going on? Or should I just be working as usual and not be too concerned?


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  • SolarWinds AnEngineer
    The latter.
    Jun 22 0
  • Verizon HansBomb
    Panic. Bring spud guns to the work place, make sure Roy doesn’t punch Jim.

    Good luck (Albanian accent)
    Jun 24 0
  • Marvell elkdead
    Truth is you'll never know until everything is finalized, your manager may not be aware either or not at liberty to say. there will be rumors of all kind. Believe what you want to. In some places, marketing or field engineers or sales have some knowledge of whats going on but whether or not your position is affected, nobody can tell. Sad part is, this will happen wherever you go. Stay calm, look for opportunities if you want to be prepared for worst.
    Jun 24 0
  • Tektronix BazzokaGrl
    Don't panic. These things happen all the time. Take this as a good time to reflect on what you're doing there and if it fits with your longterm goals. I believe the top departments where they reduce headcount are HR and Marketing. If you are worried get your resume ready. Stay calm and quiet in the meantime.
    Jun 24 0