How to deal with completely hands off manager.

Splunk joikhg
May 5 15 Comments

Need help navigating an issue I face in office. My manager is completely hands off

* He does not get involved in design/architecture reviews. Leaves it to me to deal with other teams architects/leads when they raise any objections.
* Does not have gitlab/github/bitbucket account. Does not know what git repositories I contribute to.
* Does not know about build/CI pipeline, our deployment cycle.
* Does not know about our dependency on other teams. It's very difficult to make him explain that when our dependencies break, we are slowed down.
* Does not value some of the tasks I work on like adding integration tests, refactoring and devops'y tasks. OOTH, praises me for simple demos I do in our monthly demos(i.e only sees functional changes).
* Does not get involved in work break up into stories, tasks etc. Asks me how long a feature will take (usually involves a minimum of 1-2 months of work) and I break down into stories, tasks and share it with him.

He mostly knows about our product offerings, release cycles, who is working on what, PTO's, recruiting, meeting with clients regarding our team's capabilities(although for detail's, I get pulled into this. ).
While my manager is not non-technical (he has a Phd, but no code/publications in the last 10 years), I feel like I am having a tough time explaining what I do to my manager and get some recognition

Q : For those who have been in similiar situation, how do you convince your boss that your work is valuable.
TC : 200K , YoE 5

EDIT : Leaving is tough choice because I have been in my past two companies for less than 2 years( 1st job -> very low TC, 2nd job -> startup crashed) and don't want to hop too much


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  • Uber


    Define everything. Be the tech lead. It is a great opportunity for you.
    May 5 1
    • Expedia tier n!
      Great advice. I had the exact same situation and did as Uber suggested. Promo came 6 months later.
      May 5
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    If your manager is giving you free reign to lead, why are you complaining?

    It sounds like you arenโ€™t ready to be a lead.
    May 5 4
    • New / Design McAfee
      So amazing! And true! โ˜๐ŸฟThis Manager is the best leader youโ€™ll ever have in your career. Guidance comes from you asking for advice. Until then, do the right thing, push hard, and get business done. Youโ€™re extremely lucky!
      May 5
    • Oracle / Eng iblv
      Yes, its an opportunity but he needs to get recognition for it.

      Looks like OP is not getting the recognition.
      May 5
    • OpenTable Meliodas
      Everything listed is expected of a lead.

      What recognition is needed for normal business dealings?

      If OP needs micro-affirmations for meeting expectations, OP isnโ€™t ready to be a lead.
      May 5
    • Oracle / Eng iblv
      Expected, yes. But he might not be a lead.

      No one wants to do extra work without getting paid for tht effort.

      OP, needs to hv this discussion with his manager.
      May 5
  • Oracle / Eng iblv
    Managers don't get involved in all that. Some managers are in the tech ladder and they may but many focus on roadmap and people management and such.

    Job responsibilities you defined are of a tech lead.
    May 5 4
    • Splunk joikhg
      Is it the norm that managers don't even try to bother with the code and architecture ? How will the managers recognize if someone is bluffing ?
      May 5
    • Oracle / Eng iblv
      Those are the responsibilities of seniors like architect or tech lead.

      Again, some managers are technically good and are in the tech managerial ladder.

      Many managers don't bother about all this.
      May 5
    • Oracle pzd
      The only thing you should expect from your manager is for him to give you the raise and promotion when the time comes and doesn't throw you under the bus when things go south. If he fails there - then think about quitting.

      I have worked for a micromanager in the past. It was not fun.
      May 5
    • Oracle / Eng iblv
      Believe me, micromanaging is worse.

      But OP if you think your effort is not being recognized or you are not yet a lead, hsve this discussion with your manager. Don't you have seniors in your team?

      Also, every team dynamic is different. If you are not getting recognition in this team move to a different one.
      May 5
  • New bzRF81
    Lots of people will die to get a manager like that. Most managers this hands off that I've seen are all pretty cool, know their stuff and know what every single person in team does but just doesn't express that they do.

    What if you get a micro manager in your next job like that Microsoft peepee guy in that other thread? You'll then realize you missed out on a great opportunity...
    May 5 0
  • Internet Brands g to googl
    Leetcode, Quit, comeback and share your TC.
    May 5 0
  • Google / Creative

    Google Creative

    Summer of Woodstock.
    Don't try to convince a person who has closed their mind. With that TC and YoE, I would leave.
    May 5 0