How to disclose a noncompete to a recruiter

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TLDR: How should I disclose a noncompete to a recruiter and when?

Hi all, I’m an Associate at a boutique consulting firm with extremely poor compensation (I started with 45k and a target 15k bonus). I’m also bound by a predatory 1 year noncompete (can’t work at a firm offering similar services within 100 miles of firm or within 100 miles of our customers who are Fortune 100 companies). In short, I basically can’t work in consulting for a year after I leave my job.

I’ve been mostly applying to corporate strategy, business operations, business analyst, etc. positions to bypass the noncompete, but recently I’ve been approached by a few recruiters at other consulting firms. I’ve realized that I shouldn’t automatically rule these companies out, especially after we just hired someone that had a noncompete at his previous company. How should I disclose to these recruiters that I have a noncompete? Do I wait until the end of the interview process, do I do it out the outset?

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  • Databricks gakruq
    The armchair lawyers are in full force ;). Ask your question about enforceability on Avvo, law stack exchange and/or to a lawyer in your area. It won't cost you much, if anything. Your local jurisdiction and the verbiage will be the determining factors.
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    • New / Consultant tblu
      Thank you! I’ll check those out. As for the recruiters, should I tell them about the noncompete or just deal with it silently with a lawyer?
      Sep 26
    • Databricks gakruq
      Don't mention non compete without discussing with a real lawyer. It should only matter once you're officially an employee, not during interview cycle. One thing to note is that even if it's enforceable, you may choose to join anyway and keep it quiet or risk they'll sue you, because honestly it's quite rare to sue anyone who is low level.
      Sep 26
  • Verizon DeuA40
    Unless you're poaching clients using knowledge from your current workplace it's not really relevant
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  • Verizon DeuA40
    The non compete probably doesn't apply
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  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    Go there anyway and don’t tell your employer, don’t update linkedin until the periord has passed
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