How to evaluate equity?

Uber MKXK34
Jan 11

Do you typically evaluate an RSU offer with the preffered share price or 409a price?

For context, say you have an equity offer of 300k. The preferred price is $50 and the 409a is $30. Should you expect 10000 shares or 6000 shares?


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  • New DvVM00
    you will get the 409a price. that’s the definition. you should *evaluate* it as zero, however
    Jan 111
    • Uber kPCK48
      Because you don't think Uber will IPO, or you think it will drop to zero?
      Jan 13
  • Carta lMTm24
    409a price = FMV you’re getting common RSUs
    Jan 111
    • Uber MKXK34
      Does that mean I should use the 409a value when evaluating the offer?
      Jan 11
  • Apple / EngLandlord
    Well, at least for Uber. I saw most blind posts use 409a price (i.e., $40.88) for offer evaluation.
    Jan 110

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