How to find a good therapist?

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I’ve never had success finding one that takes me seriously. Are they just not good at Kaiser? I’ve heard people get a lot out of therapy but I’ve never gotten anything out of it.

For those who don’t go to a therapist who do you talk to? I don’t want to tell my friends my personal shit. I tell my family sometimes but they can’t really help and have their own shit to deal with.


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    Trial and error.

    There are few good therapists in general, and even then, you might not work well with any individual therapist.

    You could try finding new friends who understand.
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    I talk to myself
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    I had bad experience with Kaiser too. Go out of network for these
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    • Amazon sodhl
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    • LinkedIn cd-
      For out of network counselor? Just search yelp or something.
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    I've never found a good therapist that works for me who is covered by my insurance. When I do find one and I change companies invariably he or she won't take new insurance. I pay out of pocket for therapy.
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    • Amazon sodhl
      Where do you go?
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    I can’t read this voice in any other than Sean Connery’s “the rapist”
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  • Google DocStrange
    I got a referral from a close friend.
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