How to gauge resale value of Tesla Model 3?

Amazon cKiV54
May 11 13 Comments

Lets say I want to sell the car after a year. How much can I expect?

Current price: 41k


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  • Facebook public2
    I'll give you 20.
    May 11 7
    • Facebook public2
      Not following?
      May 11
    • You work at Facebook and don't know anything about what Facebook's been in the news for? 😂
      May 12
    • Facebook public2
      No of course not, fb is in the news for everything and most is not even close to accurate. Who reads American news anymore?
      May 12
    • Amazon cKiV54
      Clearly not you!
      May 12
    • Facebook public2
      Nope, I'm old school, I prefer non fiction. Anyway I meant 20k for the car if you were making fun because you thought it was 20 dollars.
      May 12
  • Thermo Fisher / Sales zeussical
    $10k. It looks like a Tinker Toy.
    May 11 0
  • New bmmC14
    Expect your car’s value to be around 30k.
    May 11 0
  • New / Eng DEV_ENV
    Kelly Blue Book
    May 11 1
    • Autodesk / Other -oQo-
      It is too new so there isn't enough data to show long term trend. It might be similar to Model S, which shows a very robust depreciation curve. However, a few things are different. 1) S is for luxury car market and one can argue there isn't a legitimate contender in that segment yet. 2) S is much more expensive; the materials used in S are much better than 3; S should last longer. 3) 3 is a mass production car; there will be a lot of used 3 on the market in a few years; competition will be severe. 4) The demand for 3 softens recently; it means people don't think 3 as cool as it was first introduced.
      May 12
  • Microsoft grammarly
    Since model is now leasing you can estimate the value of model 3 after 3 years of purchase based on which model you got. Lease cost basically represents the depreciation value of the car. Estimating one yeah might be tricky. But let’s say if something depreciates by 100$ in 3 years you can say it depreciates 45$ in first, 35$ in second and 20$ in third approx.
    May 12 0