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New tctx
Mar 14 15 Comments

What does it take to get an interview with a FAANG? I’m doing LC 2 hours a day and making good progress. I have about 3 years of experience. I have a bachelors from Mississippi State University that I got in my late 20s (early 30s now) and I truly feel like that is like a black eye on my resume even though it’s a degree and I had a 4.0 over the last 60 credits after I went back to school. Is it worth it to get a masters degree? Does my work experience need to be niche? Appreciate the feedback.

If you’re a hiring manager what kinds of things do you look at to filter candidates ?


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  • New Gabbie
    Mar 140
  • Lol, forget about your degree, nobody gives a shit about it imho. I have a degree from an Eastern Europe country university and NOBODY cares.
    Mar 143
    • New / Engmichalumni
      This isn’t exactly true — with very little experience the brand of your degree can get you (or not get you) initial interviews with FAANG.
      Mar 14
    • Facebook fb🦄
      After 10 years school does NOT matter unless it’s top tier. If you still think school is a black mark after 10 years, you don’t have the right experience. No one cares as long as you have solid experience. School may matter for a very short time post grad when it’s your only differentiator.
      Mar 14
    • Agreed.
      Mar 14
  • Capital One / EngCrabbyDude
    The best thing you can do is be from a top tier school. The second (or probably tied for first) best thing is to get a referral. The third is a strong LinkedIn profile and resume. Your resume should be concise (1 page) without fluff and reviewed by others.

    FWIW, I also saw a huge uptick at the 5 year mark. Recruiters from Amazon and Microsoft reach out a couple of times per month now and I generally get at least phone interviews when I blindly apply to a job posting. AirBnB and Netflix used to never respond and now I’ve had (failed lol) interviews with both of them.
    Mar 140
  • Oracle now@google
    I just set the “looking for a job” flag in linkedin and waited fir recruiters to contact me. In no time I got calls from several FAANGs.
    Mar 142
    • Oracle lHEA77
      if you're now@google you can update your profile to say you're at Google you know
      Mar 14
    • Oracle now@google
      I’ll miss all the fun in the Oracle topics then...
      Mar 14
  • Pinterest AINe20
    Pose as a woman eng. My gf’s LinkedIn gets flooded with “let’s have a chat” messages from FAANG. She has a non cs degree, comes from an okay school, became an eng through boot camp, has 2+ years of exp, and works at a mediocre company. Absolutely blows my mind.
    Mar 141
    • Microsoft / Enghbchhc
      Used to be the kiss of death earlier this decade.
      Mar 14
  • Lot of well written code on GitHub with some stars earned and GitHub link on resume and LinkedIn. Possibly link to working website that you host somewhere in the cloud.
    Mar 141
    • Also.. no one cares about you degree if you know what is required.
      Mar 14
  • Facebook / QAWPBL01
    Dm me for apple referral
    Mar 140
  • New / Eng


    500 Startups
    Location and refferal make all the difference. Don't beat yourself up.

    Some people get pinged on LinkedIN based on locations and at least some relevant experience.

    I would say work on your linkedin and try to get a refferal.Not sure if moving is required or possible in your case.
    Mar 140

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