How to get an interview w/ FAANG

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What does it take to get an interview with a FAANG? I’m doing LC 2 hours a day and making good progress. I have about 3 years of experience. I have a bachelors from Mississippi State University that I got in my late 20s (early 30s now) and I truly feel like that is like a black eye on my resume even though it’s a degree and I had a 4.0 over the last 60 credits after I went back to school. Is it worth it to get a masters degree? Does my work experience need to be niche? Appreciate the feedback.

If you’re a hiring manager what kinds of things do you look at to filter candidates ?


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  • New Gabbie
  • Lol, forget about your degree, nobody gives a shit about it imho. I have a degree from an Eastern Europe country university and NOBODY cares.
    • New / Engmichalumni
      This isn’t exactly true — with very little experience the brand of your degree can get you (or not get you) initial interviews with FAANG.
    • Facebook fb🦄
      After 10 years school does NOT matter unless it’s top tier. If you still think school is a black mark after 10 years, you don’t have the right experience. No one cares as long as you have solid experience. School may matter for a very short time post grad when it’s your only differentiator.
    • Agreed.
  • Capital One / EngCrabbyDude
    The best thing you can do is be from a top tier school. The second (or probably tied for first) best thing is to get a referral. The third is a strong LinkedIn profile and resume. Your resume should be concise (1 page) without fluff and reviewed by others.

    FWIW, I also saw a huge uptick at the 5 year mark. Recruiters from Amazon and Microsoft reach out a couple of times per month now and I generally get at least phone interviews when I blindly apply to a job posting. AirBnB and Netflix used to never respond and now I’ve had (failed lol) interviews with both of them.
  • Oracle now@google
    I just set the “looking for a job” flag in linkedin and waited fir recruiters to contact me. In no time I got calls from several FAANGs.
    • Oracle lHEA77
      if you're now@google you can update your profile to say you're at Google you know
    • Oracle now@google
      I’ll miss all the fun in the Oracle topics then...
  • Pinterest AINe20
    Pose as a woman eng. My gf’s LinkedIn gets flooded with “let’s have a chat” messages from FAANG. She has a non cs degree, comes from an okay school, became an eng through boot camp, has 2+ years of exp, and works at a mediocre company. Absolutely blows my mind.
    • Microsoft / Enghbchhc
      Used to be the kiss of death earlier this decade.
  • Lot of well written code on GitHub with some stars earned and GitHub link on resume and LinkedIn. Possibly link to working website that you host somewhere in the cloud.
    • Also.. no one cares about you degree if you know what is required.
  • Facebook / QAWPBL01
    Dm me for apple referral
  • New / Eng


    500 Startups
    Location and refferal make all the difference. Don't beat yourself up.

    Some people get pinged on LinkedIN based on locations and at least some relevant experience.

    I would say work on your linkedin and try to get a refferal.Not sure if moving is required or possible in your case.

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